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Marie Gomot (CRCN INSERM, UMR1253, Tours) is a permanent researcher in Neurosciences (PhD, HDR) as well as a Psychologist (Professional diploma in clinical psychology). Her research addresses the main symptoms of ASD through the assessment of neural correlates of auditory, visual and emotion perception and discrimination. She uses fMRI and EEG technics in typical children and adults and in people with autism, and in relationships with clinical data. These studies have lead in the publication of 45 papers in appreciated scientific journals. Marie has been PI or scientific leader of several research projects on ASD (ANR JCJC, PHRC, Orange Foundation..)

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10 Main Publications

CHARPENTIER J, KOVARSKI K, ROUX S, HOUY-DURAND E, SABY A, BONNET-BRILHAULT F, LATINUS M, GOMOT M. Brain mechanisms involved in angry prosody change detection in school-age children and adults, revealed by electrophysiology.Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2018; doi: 10.3758/s13415-018-0602-8

BONNET-BRILHAULT F, MALVY J, TULLER L, PRÉVOST P, ZEBIB R, FERRÉ S, DOS SANTOS C, ROUX S, HOUY-DURAND E, MAGNÉ R, MOFID Y, LATINUS M, WARDAK C, AGUILLON-HERNANDEZ N, BATTY M, GOMOT M. A strategic plan to identify key neurophysiological mechanisms and brain circuits in autism. J Chem Neuroanat. 2018; 89:69-72. doi: 10.1016/j.jchemneu.2017.11.007. Review.

KOVARSKI K, LATINUS M, CHARPENTIER J, CLÉRY H, ROUX S, HOUY-DURAND E, SABY A, BONNET-BRILHAULT F, BATTY M, GOMOT M. Facial Expression Related vMMN: Disentangling Emotional from Neutral Change Detection. Front Hum Neurosci. 2017;11:18. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2017.00018.

CLERY H, ANDERSSON F, BONNET-BRILHAULT F, WICKER B, GOMOT M. fMRI investigation of visual change detection in adults with autism, NeuroImage Clinical, 2013, 2:303-12.

CLERY H, F. ANDERSSON F, FONLUPT P, GOMOT M. Brain correlates of automatic visual change detection, NeuroImage, 2013, 75C:117-122.

GOMOT M, WICKER B. A challenging, unpredictable world for people with autism spectrum disorder. International Journal of Psychophysiology, Special Issue:‘Predictive information processing in the brain: Principles, neural mechanisms and models’. 2012, 83 : 240-247.

GOMOT M, BLANC R, CLERY H, ROUX S, BARTHELEMY C, BRUNEAU N. Candidate Electrophysiological Endophenotypes of Hyper-Reactivity to Change in Autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2011, 41(6) : 705-714.

GOMOT M , BELMONTE MK, BULLMORE ET, BERNARD FA, BARON-COHEN S. Brain hyper-reactivity to auditory novel targets in children with high-functioning autism. Brain, 2008, 131: 2479-2488

GOMOT M , BERNARD FA, DAVIS M, BELMONTE MK, ASHWIN C, BULLMORE ET, BARON-COHEN S. Change detection in children with autism: an auditory event-related fMRI study. NeuroImage 2006, 29: 475-484.

GOMOT M, GIARD MH, ADRIEN JL, , BARTHELEMY C, BRUNEAU N. Hypersensitivity to acoustic change in children with autism: Electrophysiological evidence of left frontal cortex dysfunctioning. Psychophysiology, 2002;39(5):577-584.


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