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Who are we?

The Imaging and Brain Unit (iBrain, Inserm Unit 1253) is a multidisciplinary unit integrating research in Psychiatry, studies in cellular/molecular neuroscience and investigations aimed at developing new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders (focusing on methodologies relying on radiopharmaceuticals and ultrasound). It gathers experts in acoustics, chemistry, genetics, philosophy, psychiatry, linguistics, medical imaging, mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy, physics and radiochemistry.
Its main objective is to develop personalized therapies for psychiatric disorders, in particular autism and treatment-resistant depression, based on specific biomarkers predicting the efficacy of a given treatment.

The specific objectives of the unit are:
  •     to improve the comprehension of psychiatric and neurologic disorders by refining diagnosis and treatment
  •     to develop new imaging technologies and methodologies for the exploration of brain pathologies
  •     to develop innovative therapies for the treatment of cerebral pathologies


Research topics

Neuro‐functional Psychiatry

We are studying the neurophysiological mechanisms involved in two psychiatric diseases: Autism and Depression. In the Autism project, we analyze neurophysiological signals and identify bioclinical signatures of autism. In the Depression project, we are looking for specific markers predicting the response / nonresponse to antidepressants and we are developing new innovative therapies.


Neurogenomics and Neuronal Physiopathology

We seek to identify and study clinical, genetic, molecular, and pathophysiological markers in Intellectual Disabilities and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, specifically targeting glutamatergic neurons and their neuronal connections.


Imaging, Biomarkers and Therapy

We develop and validate imaging technologies (Ultrasound, PET, MRI) to understand the neurophysiological mechanisms of psychiatric diseases. We develop new therapeutic strategies based on the use of ultrasound (ultrasound neurostimulation, sonoporation).


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