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Sonoporation a therapeutic alternative using ultrasound and microbubble contrast agents mechanisms and bioeffects

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Thèse de doctorat : Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé : Tours : 2015

Sonoporation combines ultrasound and microbubbles, and promises a local delivery of therapeutic molecules (i.e., nucleic acids, chemotherapeutic molecules) with a high therapeutic efficacy and a low toxicity level. However, the mechanisms involved in the molecules uptake remain hitherto unclear. The work presented in this thesis manuscript aims to highlighting the processes of action of sonoporation by exploring the importance of microbubble/cell contact and the radiation forces and the study of underlying mechanisms during sonoporation and the generated cellular consequences (membrane and intracellular), by electron microscopy, and by comparing two cell lines U-87 MG and MDA-MB-231. We also explore the serum effects on the efficiency of sonoporation in the delivery of molecules (genes) but also the changes in the cytoskeleton and its involvement during sonoporation.

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    Published on February 15, 2015, Created on February 15, 2015