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Metabolomic study of autism spectrum disorder

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Thèse de doctorat : Sciences de la vie : Tours : 2016

ASDs are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders defined by deficits in social interaction, communication and restricted and repetitive behaviors. To date, the diagnosis of autism is made only on the basis of clinical symptoms. There is no biomarker of ASD. The aim of this work is (1) the search of predictive biomarkers in ASD and (2) the better understanding of brain metabolic dysfunctions in a rat model (valproate rat, VPA). To highlight urinary predictive biomarkers we analyzed together data from different analytical technologies in order to improve the robustness and predictive power of statistical models. The second part of the thesis was to characterize and compare the cerebral metabolome of VPA rat during development. We showed disturbances of neurotransmission, energy, oxidative stress pathways. Even if results obtained in rats cannot be transposed to humans, the VPA model still allows a better understanding the brain physiological disturbances induced by the drug.

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    Published on March 17, 2016, Created on March 17, 2016, Updated on March 17, 2016