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Macroscopic and acousto-mechanic analogy of coupled pendula application to ultrasound contrast agents

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Thèse de doctorat : Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé : Tours : 2015

Under specific ultrasound excitation, contrast microbubbles undergo nonlinear oscillations. Considering the size and the complexity of the phenomenon, expensive and complex experiments and/or simulations are required. To overcome this, the use of an analogy is proposed and validated numerically. When subjected to ultrasound, microbubbles present a fairly rich and complex dynamics of which some aspects can be described by a lattice of nonlinearly coupled oscillators. In this thesis, we propose to study the oscillatory behavior of a microbubble through an acousto-mechanical setup of coupled pendula parametrically excited by a vertical force. The aim of this work is to understand the dynamics of a single bubble, to subsequently study it in experimental and clinical conditions for both imaging and therapy. From the theoretical point of view, we have shown that both systems are described by a Mathieu type equation. From the experimental point of view, we have developped the pendula ring. It consists of an aluminum ring on which pendula are fixed with nylon strings. The pendula chain lies on the excitation system that generate a sinusoidal excitation ranging from 1 Hz to 5 Hz. Results obtained (vibration modes, subharmonic oscillations, radial mode) are in agreement with simulations and are similar to the results obtained for microbubbles.

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    Published on June 16, 2015, Created on June 16, 2015