[PUBLICATION] Direct Inside-Out Observation of Superficial White Matter Fasciculi in the Human Brain

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Superficial White Matter Fasciculi
Superficial White Matter Fasciculi

du 7 avril 2024 au 30 avril 2024

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A publication by Igor Lima Maldonado in collaboration with the Service de Neurochirurgie, Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France.


Background: Recent methodological advances in the study of the cerebral white matter have left short association fibers relatively underexplored due to their compact and juxtacortical nature, which represent significant challenges for both post-mortem post-cortex removal dissection and magnetic resonance-based diffusion imaging.
Objective: To introduce a novel inside-out post-mortem fiber dissection technique to assess short association fiber anatomy.
Methods: Six cerebral specimens were obtained from a body donation program and underwent fixation in formalin. Following two freezing and thawing cycles, a standardized protocol involving peeling fibers from deep structures towards the cortex was developed.
Results: The inside-out technique effectively exposed the superficial white matter. The procedure revealed distinguishable intergyral fibers, demonstrating their dissectability and enabling the identification of their orientation. The assessment of layer thickness was possible through direct observation and ex vivo morphological magnetic resonance imaging.
Conclusion: The inside-out fiber technique effectively demonstrates intergyral association fibers in the post-mortem human brain. It adds to the neuroscience armamentarium, overcoming methodological obstacles and offering an anatomical substrate essential for neural circuit modeling and the evaluation of neuroimaging congruence.
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