Excellence labels

iBraiN's scientific excellency is illustrated by its membership to different excellency labels such as the Hospital-University Federations (FHU), and the Labex programs.


FHU Exac-T

Excellence Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Exac-T is one of the five Centers of Excellence for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Labeled in 2019 as part of the National Strategy, it brings together a set of expert groups constituting a transdisciplinary network in the Greater West (Brittany, Center Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire regions). It was labelled an FHU in 2022. It brings together hospital-university clinical teams, certified research teams, medico-social structures, private organizations, and stakeholders. All collaborates with the aim of developing shared scientific strategies to: improve diagnoses, develop and disseminate knowledge, innovate in interventions. 
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FHU GenOMeds

Genetics Omics Medecine & Society

The GenoMeds FHU aims to study the impact of "omics" technologies in people with a rare genetic disorders (excluding cancers) and their implications on society. It strives to reduce diagnosis wandering and dead-end, which affect about half of the patients with rare genetic disorders, and paves the way to new approaches, for a larger integration of biological information.


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