Stop playing ping-pong! Epi-Psy, an effective discipline to promote

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le 13 mars 2020

Published in Epilepsy Behav

Projet de recherche collaborative dirigé par le Prof. de Toffol

"Stop playing ping-pong! Epi-Psy, an effective discipline to promote" Comment on "Psychiatric comorbidities go unrecognized in patients with epilepsy: 'You see what you know'".


We read with interest the paper by Lopez et al. [1] focusing on the lack of collaboration between neurologists and psychiatrists in North America when treating psychiatric comorbidities in persons with epilepsy (PWE). We agree with their realistic approach to the problem despite the wide recognition of the high prevalence of psychiatric comorbidities [2]. Interestingly, the situation in France is very similar, but things are changing. We wish to share our challenges but also opportunities for improvement that could inspire our colleagues [read more].


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