Special Issue "Olfaction as a Marker for Psychiatric and Neurological diseases"

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le 26 avril 2019

Prof. El-Hage invites you to submit your publication in his special issue in Brain Sciences on Olfaction as a Marker for Psychiatric and Neurological diseases

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Olfaction can be measured and altered at different levels. Olfactory disorders have various forms (anosmia, partial anosmia, hyposmia, microsmia, dysosmia, phantosmia, olfactory agnosia, hyperosmia) and causes (e.g., following accidents, psychiatric and neurological conditions, aging, medical interventions, and exposure to environmental chemicals). Olfactory dysfunctions and biases can be characterized and thus constitute potential markers for psychiatric and neurological disorders, in which dysfunctions can be considered as either a consequence of the disease or a vulnerability factor.

This Special Issue will publish contributions about innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of olfactory disorders, and original research articles advancing our understanding of “Olfaction as a Marker for Psychiatric and Neurological diseases”. Reviews providing an analytical perspective on the existing literature are also welcome.

Prof. Dr. Wissam El-Hage


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Deadline for manuscript submissions

5 March 2020


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