[PUBLICATION] Mutltifaceted Biological Roles of Adiponectin

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le 10 juillet 2020

Collaborative research project led by Prof. Jean-Philippe Bastard (Hôpitaux universitaires Henri Mondor, AP-HP, Département de biochimie-pharmacologie-biologie moléculaire-génétique médicale, Créteil, France) in which Dr. Diane Dufour-Rainfray participated

Mutltifaceted Biological Roles of Adiponectin


Adiponectin is a major adipokine involved in energy homeostasis that exerts insulin-sensitizing properties. The level of adiponectin is reduced in situations of insulin resistance and is negatively associated with several pathophysiological situations including abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome, steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and cognitive diseases. These aspects are discussed in this review.


#boweldisease #cancer #dementia #inflammation #insulinresistance #leptin

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