[PUBLICATION] Enhanced Macromolecular Substance Extravasation through the Blood-Brain Barrier via Acoustic Bubble-Cell Interactions


du 22 janvier 2024 au 19 février 2024

Une publication de Jufa Chen, et Ayache Bouakaz en collaboration avec l'unité INSERM N2C et Zhejiang University (Zhejiang, Chine).


  • The application of ultrasound and microbubbles (US + MBs) enhances the extravasation of macromolecular substance through blood–brain barrier via transcytosis mechanism.
  • The mechanical interaction between oscillating microbubbles and cell membranes results in direct membrane deformation and generates both mechanical and sonochemical effects.
  • The formation of pits on the cellular membrane surface is a critical step in the initiation of endocytosis or transcytosis processes.
  • US + MBs application induced membrane hyperpolarization and increase of cytosolic calcium concentration.
  • Mechanical interaction between oscillating microbubbles and cell membrane plays a necessary role in the dynamin-/caveolae-/clathrin- related transcytosis.

You can access the manuscript here. (Open Access)

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