[PUBLICATION] Diffuse shear wave spectroscopy for soft tissue viscoelastic characterization

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Diffuse shear wave spectroscopy
Diffuse shear wave spectroscopy

le 14 octobre 2020

Published in Ultrasonics

Collaborative research project led by Dr. Jean-Pierre Remenieras

Diffuse shear wave spectroscopy for soft tissue viscoelastic characterization


In order to limit and slow the development of diseases, they have to be diagnosed early as possible to treat patients in a better and more rapid manner. In this paper, we focus on a noninvasive and quick method based on diffuse fields in elastography to detect diseases that affect the stiffness of organs. To validate our method, a phantom experiment numerically pre-validated is designed. It consists of seven vibrators that generate white noises in a bandwidth of [80-300] Hz and then a complex acoustic field in a phantom. Waves are tracked by a linear ultrasound probe L11-4v linked to a Verasonics Vantage System and are converted into a particle velocity 2D map as a function of time. The phase velocity of the shear waves is calculated using a temporal and 2D spatial Fourier transform and an adapted signal-processing method. Shear wave velocity dispersion measurement in the frequency bandwidth of the vibrators enables one to characterize the dynamic hardness of the material through the viscoelastic parameters μ and η in an acquisition time shorter than a second (Tacq = 300 ms). With the aim of estimating the consistency of the method, the experiment is performed N = 10 times. The measured elastic modulus and viscous parameter that quantify the dynamic properties of the medium correspond to the expected values: μ = 1.23 ± 0.05 kPa and η = 0.51 ± 0.09 Pa∙s.


Complex acoustic field; Elastography; Rheology; Ultrasound imaging
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