[AWARDS] Hervé Boutin - Sanofi iAwards Europe


du 24 juin 2024 au 24 juillet 2024

Sanofi Awards
Dr. Hervé Boutin has been granted the Sanofi iAward Europe this year for his project:
Targeting the inflammasome as therapeutic pathway of the neuroinflammation-driven processes in Alzheimer’s disease. Neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), are a significant global health care and societal concern in an ageing population, the causes and many contributing factors to AD are still poorly understood, and AD clinical trials so far have failed to stop disease progression. AD alone affect over 50 million people worldwide and this number is expected to more than double by 2050. A better understanding of the multifactorial mechanisms of AD is urgently needed and therefore new avenues must be explored to allow evidence-based interventions. This project aims to i) determine the contribution of systemic inflammation to AD pathology, ii) establish whether inflammation (NLRP3) can be targeted both peripherally and centrally with the drug CY-09 following systemic pro-inflammatory challenges and iii) use an innovative enhanced drug delivery approach using ultrasound (US)-induced blood-brain-barrier opening to improve brain access to a selective NLRP3 inhibitor (CY-09).

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