PhD position in ultrasound imaging and brain stimulation

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du 3 février 2020 au 24 avril 2020

With Dr. Ayache Bouakaz and Dr. Jean-Pierre Remenieras

Evaluation of neurovascular coupling with super resolution ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging

Project description

Transcranial application of ultrasound on the brain induces non-invasive alterations in cerebral electrical activity in small animal models. This mechanical action of ultrasound on targeted brain regions produces effects on neuronal activities. Nevertheless, the mechanisms of action of US waves are not known yet.

The aim of the thesis project is to investigate the mechanisms of action of ultrasound on brain tissue. Hence, we propose to develop brain imaging technologies with a high spatio-temporal resolution and high sensitivity to study the impact of ultrasound neurostimulation. These technologies will be based on two complementary imaging techniques: super resolution ultrafast US imaging (= 10000 images/s, resolution less than 10 mm), and photoacoustics.

By combining these two functional imaging technologies, we will provide access to a more detailed view of the various processes following the application of US neurostimulation, by evaluating the impact on blood flow, blood volume and blood oxygenation associated with any change in neuronal activity. The evaluation will be carried out in a small healthy and pathological animal model.


  • The applicant must hold a master degree in acoustics, biomedical engineering or related field
  • Excellent programming skills (experience in MATLAB)
  • Experience in advanced image analysis and processing
  • Good communication skills in English, both spoken and written
Interested applicants send the CV, Letter of motivation with 2 references to: Inserm Imagerie et Cerveau UMR1253 – Université de Tours
10 boulevard Tonnellé

37032 Tours Cedex 1

Application deadline

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Dr. Ayache Bouakaz :