[HIRING] PhD position available in Neuroscience and Drug Screening

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du 6 juillet 2020 au 30 septembre 2020

Sous la direction scientifique du Prof. Blasco

PhD position available in Neuroscience and Drug Screening

We are seeking a motivated, organized and independent candidate for 3 years-PhD position. The project to be developed involves drug screening in cellular and animal models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and will start in October 2020.

ALS is the most common motor neuron disease and patients usually dye after 3-5 years of symptoms onset. Currently, only one treatment is available worldwide for ALS, but with very modest effects. In the first phase of this project, we developed biomedicines with therapeutic effects in a HEK293T-cellular model of ALS. During the second phase of this project, the hired PhD student will enhance the bioavailability of the chosen biomedicines and test their effect on different in vitro models and in transgenic mice to better characterize the therapeutic potential of our biomedicines.


Candidates should have a Master’s degree or equivalent in Neurobiology, Neuroscience or Pharmacology (with emphasis in drug screening). Training in statistics and animal handling and welfare is desirable but not mandatory. Knowledge of cell culture, molecular and cellular biology are a plus. English proficiency (both written and spoken) required.

The Team

UMR1253 iBrain, Team 2, is a highly dynamic and multi-disciplinary team composed by researchers and clinicians. Our close proximity to the Hospital of Tours enable us to develop translational projects in the field of ALS, autism and glioblastoma. For more information on our team

Selected publications of the team

  • Lanznaster et al. TDP-43-Mediated Toxicity in HEK293T Cells: A Fast and Reproducible Protocol To Be Employed in the Search of New Therapeutic Options against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Cells, 9(1), pii: E68, 2019.
  • Hergesheimer R, Lanznaster D, et al. Advances in Disease-Modifying Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Expert Opinion in Pharmacotherapy, 21(9): 1103-1110, 2020.
  • Hergesheimer RC, et al. The debated toxic role of aggregated TDP-43 in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a resolution in sight? Brain, pii: awz078, 2019.

How to apply

Please send your CV (containing your technical skills), letter of motivation and 2 reference letters (one being from your Master’ supervisor) as a single pdf document to Dr. Lanznaster and Prof. Blasco by August 16, 2020.

Contact :
Prof. Hélène Blasco :