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le 18 février 2019

During her stay in India, the Prof. Belzung did three conferences on depression

There are different kinds of depressions

Professor Catherine Belzung spoke of grappling with the challenges of mental health and finding happiness

350 million people in the world suffer from depression. In the United Nations survey of the Happiness Index of 156 countries, India sits sadly at 133. There are alarming statistics about attempted suicides, suicides and depression amongst the young people in the country

The third edition of the Global Classroom (an initiative for professional education where leading global experts share their innovations, challenges and learning) was about the efforts to find new treatments to overcome depression and find happiness.

Dr Catherine Belzung, Professor in Neurosciences at the University of Tours, France, gave an illuminating talk on the workings of the brain and mental health. The audience was made up of public health practitioners, academicians, physicians, nurses, school counsellors and others who dealt with mental health issues. The session was brought to Coimbatore by Shanthi Ashram’s International Center for Child and Public Health and PSG Institute for Medical Sciences and Research’s Center for Research and Bioethics

Dr Belzung spoke of her research, which involved collaborations with various disciplines. In order to understand the working of the brain beyond its physical attributes, she initiated dialogues with economists, chemists, physicists, pharmacologists, molecular biologists, psychologists and philosophers [Read more].

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