How to write a clear, compelling CV


du 3 février 2020 au 29 février 2020

Published in Science Magazine

Wrote by Jay J. Van Bavel , June Gruber, Leah H. Somerville, Neil A. Lewis, Jr.

How to write a clear, compelling CV

In 1482, Leonardo da Vinci wrote a letter that is credited as the first CV. He was looking to land a job as a military engineer from Ludovico Sforza—the ruler of Milan, Italy—whom Leonardo referred to in his letter as “Most Illustrious Lord.” The multitalented artist, scientist, and engineer created a 10-point list of his abilities, focusing on skills that were relevant to engineering. For instance, his fourth point (translated into English) read, “I have ... types of cannon, most convenient and easily portable, with which to hurl small stones almost like a hail-storm; and the smoke from the cannon will instill a great fear in the enemy on account of the grave damage and confusion.” Only at the very end—after laying out his knowledge of bridges, moats, and catapults—did Leonardo see fit to add that “I can execute sculpture in marble, bronze and clay. Likewise in painting, I can do everything possible.” [Read more]

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