Epileptic psychoses are underrecognized by French neurologists and psychiatrists

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le 25 novembre 2019

Published in Epilepsy Behav

Projet de recherche collaborative dirigé par le Prof. B. de Toffol

Epileptic psychoses are underrecognized by French neurologists and psychiatrists


This study evaluates the knowledge about psychotic disorders associated with epilepsy among medical practitioners in France. A self-report questionnaire was sent, and responses of 486 participants were collected. Results showed the rate of correct responses being higher among neurologists compared to psychiatrists, respectively 70.6% and 58.3% (p < 10-11). The highest rate of correct responses was found for the participants trained in epileptology (71%), and a regression analysis confirmed that epilepsy-training was the most influential variable. However, we found that knowledge about epileptic psychosis was imprecise among all participants: current classification was not known to most participants (77%), there were false beliefs concerning postictal confusion and psychosis (41%), and both prevalence and duration of postictal psychosis were not well-known. There is the first survey to highlight such gaps of knowledge, and hopefully lead to measures to remedy this, especially specialists such as psychiatrists, neurologists, and epileptologists who may be called upon to treat such patients.

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