Dépression, olfaction et qualité de vie

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le 14 mai 2018

Publié dans Brain Sci.

Projet de recherche dirigé par le Dr. Boriana Atanasova

Depression, Olfaction, and Quality of Life: A Mutual Relationship


Olfactory dysfunction has been well studied in depression. Common brain areas are involved in depression and in the olfactory process, suggesting that olfactory impairments may constitute potential markers of this disorder. Olfactory markers of depression can be either state (present only in symptomatic phases) or trait (persistent after symptomatic remission) markers. This study presents the etiology of depression, the anatomical links between olfaction and depression, and a literature review of different olfactory markers of depression. Several studies have also shown that olfactory impairment affects the quality of life and that olfactory disorders can affect daily life and may be lead to depression. Thus, this study discusses the links between olfactory processing, depression, and quality of life. Finally, olfaction is an innovative research field that may constitute a new therapeutic tool for the treatment of depression.


Depression; markers; olfaction; quality of life; therapeutic tool

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