IEEE IUS 2018 - International Ultrasonics Symposium

  • Recherche,
  • Santé-Sciences-Technologie,

du 22 octobre 2018 au 25 octobre 2018

Kobe, Japan

Come talk to our experts in ultrasound !

International meeting of experts in ultrasound

With more than 1000 anticipated participants from over 50 countries, the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium is by far the global hub of the scientific and technical ultrasound world. This is a perfect opportunity for brands and companies to associate their values, image and products to this event that promotes excellence, innovation and breakthrough research.

The members of the team Imaging, Biomarkers, Therapy, will present their research projects:

  • Abraxane delivery with microbubble-assisted ultrasound in human pancreatic cancer mouse model - D. Bressand, A. Novell, A. Girault, W. Raoul, J-M. Escoffre, T. Lecomte, A. Bouakaz

  • A fluid dynamic model for quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging: validation for the assessment of uteroplacental perfusion - B. Denis de Senneville, A. Novell, C. Arthuis, V. Mendes, P-A. Dujardin, F. Patat, A. Bouakaz, F. Perrotin

  • Young's modulus of dermis and hypodermis of healthy volunteers measured with high frequency transient elastography - C. Chartier, Y. Mofid, A. Maruani, L. Machet, F. Ossant

  • Clinical interest of high frequency transient elastography to assess dermis fibrosis in patients with venous insufficiency - Y. Mofid, A. Maruani, C. Chartier, Y. Mofid, G. Falaewe, F. Ossant

  • Elastography of the thyroid by tracking shear waves generated by vocal cords vibrations - S. Beuve, E. Khoury, S. Callé, J.P. Remeniéras

  • Ultrasound radiation force to remotely control implanted medical devices - S. Callé, G. Férin, J.P. Remeniéras

  • Shear wave dispersion comparison in normal and abnormal placentas - E. Simon, J.P. Remeniéras, M.C. Dumoux, F. Patat, F. Perrotin, S. Callé

  • Comparison of placental elastography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging in a murine intrauterine growth restriction model - E. Simon, J.P. Remeniéras, C.J. Arthuis, F. Perrotin, A. Bouakaz, S. Callé

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