Animal Population Imaging 2018

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le 22 juin 2018

Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art
2, rue Vivienne
75002 Paris

Workshop on Animal Population Imaging

The APPNING workshop addresses the ongoing efforts towards animal population imaging, a domain still in infancy. Sharing requirements will grow in the next future for similar motivations to those for human research, i.e., optimize costs and subject participation, improvement of quality of science (use of sufficiently large animal cohorts for ensuring statistical result validity, especially for drug development process) and enhancement of research discovery. This workshop is focused on conceptual and methodological aspects and existing solutions to support the sharing of animal imaging data and processing tools: data structures, application ontologies, new paradigms for handing data, atlas construction, interoperability of repositories, semantic queries, image processing composition, local or grid-access execution, software and hardware architectures, and pros and cons of existing working solutions. This workshop will help to promote the federation of multiple sources of information, processing tools and diffusion of knowledge distributed in various centers for preclinical studies.

Among lectures, our colleagues, Dr. Elodie Chaillou, Dr. Scott Love and Dr. Marine Siwiaszczyk (INRA, PRC, Tours) and Prof. Christophe Destrieux, Dr. Frédéric Andersson (Team Imaging, Biomarkers, Therapy),will present their collaborative project Surface‐based cortical parcellation and atlas creation of the sheep brain, led by the Dr. Elodie Chaillou.

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