Comportements acousto-mécanique de la peau ex-vivo

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le 28 février 2019

Projet de recherche collaborative dirigé par le Dr. Dos Santos

Acousto-mechanical behaviour of ex-vivo skin: Nonlinear and viscoelastic properties


The mechanical behaviour of skin is significant for some applications including dermatology, surgery, and impact biomechanics science. In this work, we have investigated the study of the acousto-mechanical viscoelastic properties of skin. For that, both tensile-relaxation and ultrasonic tests were conducted on porcine tissue samples in fibre directions. To understand the complex skin aging phenomena, we used strength tensile test correlated with the Nonlinear Time Reversal signal processing tool extension “TR-NEWS”. Uniaxial tensile tests were carried out at a strain rate of on skin using a load-relaxation-discharge load path with increasing amplitude and offset. This work is also under way to extend the frequency range of ultrasounds to 50 MHz. Digital Image Correlation was used for 2D strain measurement of the dermis. From this analysis, we conclude that fresh porcine skin should be modelled as a nonlinear viscoelastic material with strain-rate dependence. The obtained hysteresis loop shall be taken as significant skin damage.


#Skin #Strength tensile test #TR-NEWS measurements #Hysteresis #Nonlinearity #Viscoelasticity

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