Comparaison de l'ergonomie chirurgicale entre laparoscopie et les chirurgies assistées par robot

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le 2 avril 2019

Publié dans J. Robot. Surg.

Projet de recherche clinique dirigé par le Dr. Frédéric Marchal (CHRU de Tours) auquel le Dr. Jean-Michel Escoffre a participé

Experience implication in subjective surgical ergonomics comparison between laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries


Introduction - Laparoscopic surgery (LS) may lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and an increase in physical and mental workloads to the surgeon. Robot-assisted surgery (RAS) should improve the ergonomy of the surgeon. This study assesses the experience influence in surgical ergonomics between LS and RAS.

Methods - LS and RAS lasting more than 60 min of effective operative time were compared. During the surgical procedure, the physical discomfort was evaluated using the Borg scale. At the end, the mental workload was evaluated using the NASA-TLX index. After global analysis, the experienced and young surgeons were assessed.

Results - 88 RAS and 82 LS were evaluated. During LS, the physical discomfort was significantly higher in all segments, and the pain increased significantly during the procedure in all segments compared to that evaluated in the RAS (p < 0.05). Forearms and the back were the most painful. The young surgeons did not display any improvement in the physical ergonomics of the RAS compared to the LS. Concerning the mental ergonomics, the overall workload and performance were significantly greater during the LS compared to the RAS (p < 0.05). For the young surgeons, the overall workload, the effort, the mental and the physical demands were greater during LS (p < 0.05). For the experienced surgeons, the physical demand was lower during the RAS compared to the LS (p < 0.05). However, the experienced surgeons expressed a feeling of greater performance after the LS (p < 0.01). RAS significantly reduces the onset of MSDs compared to LS, especially for the experienced surgeons.

Conclusion - RAS significantly reduces the onset of MSDs compared to LS, especially for the experienced surgeons.


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