[ARTICLE] Meningiomas and cyproterone acetate: a retrospective, monocentric cohort of 388 patients treated by surgery or radiotherapy for intracranial meningioma

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Meningiomas and cyproterone acetate
Meningiomas and cyproterone acetate

le 28 avril 2021

Published in J Neurooncol

Collaborative research project led by Prof. Vincent Roualdes (Neurotraumatology, Neurosurgery Department, Hotel-Dieu, CHU Nantes, Nantes, France) in which Dr. Amelot participated


Purpose: Meningiomas are the most common intracranial tumors, accounting for 20-30% of central nervous system tumors. Recently, the European Medicines Agency issued an alert on cyproterone acetate (CPA) based on the results of a study that found an increased risk of meningioma 7 to 20 times higher when a patient is on CPA. The primary objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of CPA exposure in patients who had one or more intracranial meningiomas treated surgically or with radiation therapy. The secondary objectives were to establish a description of the patients who had intracranial meningioma in Nantes and to establish whether there was a difference in the intrinsic and tumoral characteristics of patients exposed to CPA compared with patients who had no hormonal exposure and patients who had been exposed to other hormones.

Methods: Monocentric, retrospective study including all patients treated by surgery or radiotherapy for intracranial meningioma from 2014 to 2017 excluding those with a history of exposure to ionizing radiation or neurofibromatosis type 2.

Results: 388 patients were included, 277 were treated by surgery and 111 by radiotherapy. 3.9% of the patients had a history or current use of CPA, 16.2% were taking other hormonal treatment. Compared with the group without hormonal exposure, the CPA-exposed group had significantly an earlier onset of meningiomas at 48.9 vs. 61.9 years (p = 0.0005) and had more multiple meningiomas, 26.7% vs. 6.1% (p = 0.0115).

Conclusions: In our study, patients with a history or current use of CPA had significantly more meningiomas and were significantly younger at the onset.


Cyproterone acetate; Hirsutism; Meningioma; Polycystic ovary syndrome; Progestative.
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