A Transnosographic Self-Assessment of Social Cognitive Impairments

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le 24 janvier 2020

Published in Front. Psychiatry

Projet de recherche collaborative dirigé par le Prof. E. Peyroux (Reference Center for Cognitive Remediation and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Le Vinatier Hospital, Lyon, France) auquel le Dr. S. Roux et le Dr. E. Houy-Durand ont participé.

A Transnosographic Self-Assessment of Social Cognitive Impairments (ACSO): First Data


Social cognition refers to the mental operations underlying social interactions. Given the major role of social cognitive deficits in the disability associated with severe psychiatric disorders, they therefore constitute a crucial therapeutic target. However, no easily understandable and transnosographic self-assessment scale evaluating the perceived difficulties is available. This study aimed to analyze the psychometric qualities of a new self-administered questionnaire (ACSo) assessing subjective complaints in different domains of social cognition from 89 patients with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, bipolar disorders or autism. The results revealed satisfactory internal validity and test-retest properties allowing the computation of a total score along with four sub scores (attributional biases, social perception and knowledge, emotional perception and theory of mind). Moreover, the ACSo total score was correlated with other subjective assessments traditionally used in cognitive remediation practice but not with objective neuropsychological assessments of social cognition. In summary, the ACSo is of interest to complete the objective evaluation of social cognition processes with a subjective assessment adapted to people with serious mental illness or autism spectrum disorder.

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