The Autism group of the Imaging and Brain research unit (iBrain, UMR 1253, University of Tours, Inserm) is at the heart of the clinical diagnosis and care units dedicated to Child Psychiatry in Tours, with a priviledged location inside the University Child Psychiatry Center (CUP). Leaded by Pr. Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, this group has focused its research on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) within the neurodevelopment disorders (NDD). The core hypothesis of the team is that the functional and behavioral peculiarities of ASD individuals are the consequences of an atypical processing of sensorimotor information during the early phases of development, linked to an atypical development of neuronal networks. The atypical functioning of the brain and compensation mechanisms result in various psychophysiological profiles corresponding to the clinical heterogeneity observed within ASD.
The main objective of the research studies is to identify markers of the atypical functioning of key neuronal networks and to combine them with clinical, behavioral, cognitive and sensorimotor atypicities in order to establish specific bioclinical profiles. These profiles will consequently help to characterize developmental trajectories and adapt therapeutic strategies for each individual. Three main axes are developed and combined into a multi-dimensional approach:

•    Identification of neurophysiological mechanisms correlates of ASD
•    Identification of clinical profiles and structural aspects of language
•    Translational approach and identification of key neuronal networks for targeted and innovative therapeutics

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Centre Universitaire de Pédopsychiatrie et Centre Ressource Autisme Centre-Val de Loire

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