Welcome to Prof. Augé-Gouillou and her colleagues


on the May 11, 2018

Prof. Corinne Augé-Gouillou and her colleagues join the team Neurogenomics and Neuronal Physiopathology

They investigate the role of the SETMAR protein in the biogenesis of glioblastomas (GBM, brain tumors), specifically in the emergence of resistances to common treatments in this disease. There are two action modes of SETMAR : direct, by the interaction with many partners like LigIV, Topo2alpha, PCDNA, CHECK1, (...) involved in the regulation of the cell cycle and the DNA repair ; but also indirect, via an epigenetic network that could control the organization of chromatin in many loci. Beyond GBMs, the pleiotropic properties of SETMAR suggest a role in the epigenetic control of normal and pathological neural development. 
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