Team 2, Winner of cross-cutting programme "Genomic variability 2018" of Inserm


on the November 5, 2018

The Neurogenomics and Neuronal Physiopathology team, led by Dr. Laumonnier, is the winner of the Inserm's "2018 Genomic Variability" Program.

Cross-cutting Program "Genomic variability 2018" - Inserm

The objective of the cross-cutting program "Genomic Variability 2018" is to understand the role played by genes and their variants on the development of pathologies by relying both on a longitudinal follow-up of cohorts of individuals and on their phenotyping. encouraging the development of new methods of longitudinal data analysis. This knowledge base will help to improve the interpretation of the association between genetic variants detected in an individual and a disease or endophenotype and better understand the role played by genes in phenotypic variability. In order for this transversal program to have a real added value vis-à-vis the Inserm teams, it must encourage the formation of a multidisciplinary consortium combining teams of clinicians, geneticists, epidemiologists, bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, biologists involved in the central issue the interpretation and impact of genomic variations on the phenotype; and mathematicians and statisticians who will develop innovative methods of data analysis.

The Neurogenomics and Neuronal Physiopathology team led by Dr. Laumonnier is the winner of Inserm's 2018 Genomic Variability Program.

Congratulations to our colleagues!

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