[PUBLICATION] Neural correlates of mindfulness meditation and hypnosis on magnetic resonance imaging: similarities and differences. A scoping review.


from December 18, 2023 to January 22, 2024

A publication from Frédéric Andersson and Jean-Philippe Cottier in collaboration with Tours University Hospital in the Journal of Neuroradiology.


  • The neural networks and regions modulated by mindfulness meditation and hypnosis showed similarities, differences, and various overlaps on MRI studies.
  • The primary commonality between mindfulness and hypnosis was increased central executive network - Salience Network connectivity and decreased default mode network intrinsic activity.
  • Increased connectivity between the default mode network and salience network was observed in meditative practice and mindfulness predisposition but not in hypnosis.
  • Changes in brain morphometry after mindfulness meditation training are controversial.
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