[PUBLICATION] COVID-19 and (hydroxy)chloroquine-azithromycin combination: Should we take the risk for our patients?


on the May 22, 2020

Published in Br J Clin Pharmacol

Collaborative research project led by Dr. C. Hingray (CHU de Nancy, Département de Neurologie, Nancy, France) in which Prof. Wissam El-Hage participated

COVID-19 and (hydroxy)chloroquine-azithromycin combination: Should we take the risk for our patients?

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19) pandemic has caught the scientific community and hospitals off‐guard, and the race is on as clinicians grapple with novel treatment strategies and constantly changing recommendations. Patients with mental health disorders are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak for various reasons, including cognitive impairment, little awareness of risk, diminished efforts regarding personal protection and more barriers in accessing timely health services.1

Only few therapeutic options are being tested for COVID‐19 with no evidence yet of effectiveness or safety. One of the options presently under evaluation is the combination of (hydroxy)chloroquine with azithromycin.2 Despite the limited clinical data on the use of (hydroxy)chloroquine in COVID‐19, this drug is attracting considerable attention from the media. Individuals and lobby groups have called for widespread prescription of these drugs. This attention is undermining the structured approach with which any drug should be evaluated. [Read more]

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