1,4-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles, methods for preparing same, and diagnostic and therapeutic use thereof


on the October 26, 2012

Sylvain Routier, Franck Suzenet, Frédéric Pin, Sylvie Chalon, Johnny Vercouillie, Denis Guilloteau

Publication number : WO/2012/143526 A1 ; application number : PCT/EP2012/057309.


The present invention relates to a compound of general formula (I), where: X is a nitrogen atom and Y is a carbon atom; or X is a carbon atom and Y is a nitrogen atom; the Ar group is an aryl or heteroaryl group; and the RN and RN' groups form, together with the carbon atoms to which they are bonded, a monocyclic or bicyclic azacycloalkane group. The invention also relates to the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, to the hydrates or polymorphic crystalline structures thereof, and to the racemates, diastereoisomers, or enantiomers thereof.