Neurodevelopmental outcome of late-preterm infants


on the December 4, 2019

Published in Arch Pediatr

Collaborative research project led by Profs. G. Favrais and E. Saliba

Neurodevelopmental outcome of late-preterm infants: Literature review


Late-preterm infants are characterized by a birth term from 340/7 to 366/7 weeks of gestation. A foetal brain at 340/7 weeks of gestation weighs only 65% of the full-term newborn brain, which suggests a particular cerebral vulnerability to injury during this 6-week period. Epidemiological studies reporting the neurological outcomes of late-preterm infants exhibit large methodological heterogeneity that inhibits clarity on this issue. However, contradictory results and odds ratio values near neutral reveal probable moderate neurodevelopmental delay in late-preterm infants. This observation reflects the variable neurological outcomes of this population according to multiple perinatal factors. Therefore, the current challenge is to define efficient screening strategies to determine infants requiring specific follow-up.

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