Jean-Pierre Remeniéras, Winner of Plan Cancer 2014-2019


on the November 28, 2018

The BPALP project resulting from a collaboration between the IR4M (JL Gennisson), Labtau (S Catheline), Neurospin (B Larrat) and iBrain (JP Remenieras) has just been financed by the call for projects of the "Physics" program. , Mathematics and Engineering Sciences applied to cancer "- Cancer Plan 2014-2019.

BPALP: Palpation of the brain by passive MRI elastography


We propose to develop an original Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging method without external vibrator for brain cancer tumor diagnosis and characterization with an innovative technique coming from ultrasound imaging, passive elastography. We will validate our passive elastography biomechanical properties reconstruction with “gold standard” ultrasound elastography in small animals with craniotomy and in humans during neurosurgery. Full 3D reconstruction of the biomechanical properties of the brain will be also compared to diffusion tensor imaging to understand the link between brain architecture and its elastic tensor.

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