ELASTOGLI : Ultrasound elastography and brain tumors


on the June 11, 2019

Clinical research project led by Drs. Zemmoura et Remenieras

Evaluation of the interest of intraoperative ultrasound elastography and ultrasensitive Doppler in the surgical management of brain tumors

This clinical research project is led by Dr. Ilyess Zemmoura (University Hospital of Tours/Inserm UMR 1253, iBrain/University of Tours). Coordination is provided by CIC-IT of Tours in collaboration with Dr. Jean-Pierre Remenieras from the unit Inserm UMR 1253, iBrain/University of Tours.

Gliomas are infiltrating brain tumors with no clear boundary with healthy brain parenchyma. Their surgery is usually guided by neuronavigation in interventional MR imaging and by intraoperative echography, to obtain the most complete tumor resection possible. However, these two imaging modalities do not make it possible to visualize peri-lesional tumoral infiltration of low cell density, responsible for tumor recurrence. In this context, we propose to evaluate new ultrasound methods, elastography and ultrasensitive Doppler, to identify the visco-elastic properties of brain tumors and thus the peri-tumoral infiltration.

US elastography will make it possible to determine the visco-elastic properties of the tumor tissue and thus to measure the degree of tumor infiltration. Ultrasensitive Doppler will quantify intratumoral vascularization, and thus help in the diagnosis of tumor anaplasia. Elastography and ultrasensitive Doppler would allow the neurosurgeon to precisely delineate the most active tumor territories and identify the peri-lesional tumor infiltration, thus allowing a more accurate resection of the tumor.

The main objectives are:

  • To measure and compare the visco-elastic properties of healthy brain tissue, glioma, and the peritumoral infiltration area by US elastography;
  • Quantify intratumoral vascularization by ultrasensitive Doppler.
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