Diagnostic of Pediatric neurolisteriosis


on the April 30, 2019

Clinical research project led by Prof. M. Périvier (CHRU de Tours) to which Prof. P. Castelnau participated

Pediatric neurolisteriosis: A diagnosis to consider even in the absence of immunodeficiency


Neurolisteriosis is known to affect vulnerable groups, for example neonates or children with immunodeficiency. This is a key point of the current clinical guidelines regarding pediatric meningitis. We report a rare case of neurolisteriosis in an immunocompetent infant, without the typical signs of listeriosis, which led to a delay in administering the appropriate antibiotherapy. This case illustrates the clinical heterogeneity of neurolisteriosis and the relevance of appropriate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests when the clinical presentation differs from the current guidelines. This case also reminds us that raw or unpasteurized milk-based food products pose a risk even in immunocompetent infants or children.

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