Depression, anxiety, and stress in hospitalized patients with a chronic disease


on the May 13, 2019

Collaborative research project led by Prof. R. Hallit (Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Jounieh, Lebanon) to which Dr. F. Kazour participated

Prevalence and factors affecting the level of depression, anxiety, and stress in hospitalized patients with a chronic disease


Purpose - To report the prevalence of psychological/mental disorders and determine the factors associated with them in hospitalized patients with chronic diseases.

Design and methods - This was as cross-sectional study. One hundred and fifty patients were randomly selected from one hospital having at least one chronic disease.

Findings - The rate of depression, anxiety, and stress in our sample were 21.3%, 61.3%, and 48.7%, respectively. Benign prostate hypertrophy, dysthyroidism, avoidance of thoughts and feelings as a coping mechanism, and a longer hospital stay were associated with higher depression. Hypertension, female gender, and a higher education level were associated with higher anxiety. Female gender and a longer stay in hospital were predictors of stress.

Practice implications - Hospitalized patients with chronic illnesses have high levels of psychological distress, showing the importance of getting psychological counseling in these settings.

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