Summer School - 2d Multi-scale Imaging for the Study of Reproduction [English article]


from June 17, 2019 to June 20, 2019

Nouzilly - France

with the participation of Dr. Clovis Tauber

Multiscale Imaging for the Study of Animal Reproduction

The aim of the summer school Multiscale Imaging for the Study of Animal Reproduction is to train young scientistsin the field of animal reproductionto various imaging techniques from subcellular to whole animallevels.This school is dedicated to non-specialists in imaging techniques and aimsto provide a broad knowledge on imaging techniques and their application for the study of animal reproduction. Participants will have the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about specific imaging techniquesby interacting with speakers. The school will provide theoreticaltraining through seminar sessionsgiven by experimented scientists in the morning and practical demonstrationsin the afternoon.The summer school aims to provide a stimulating training opportunity for young scientists (doc and post-doc). The participants are encouraged to present a posteron their current work and to highlight the imaging aspects of their research. Posters sessions will be organized between theoretical and practical sessions [Read more].

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