Seminar - Start culturing in the third dimension

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on the July 3, 2019

From 10h00 to 12h00
Faculté de Médecine
Site Tonnellé
Amphi. A

Learn how to culture and analyze 3D organoids today

3D Models: Developing Better Techniques for Culture and Analysis

Speaker: Roland Leathers, PhD., Senior Manager Strategic Alliances, Stem Cell Sciences/Cell Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

3D cellular models, such as organoids and spheroids, provide an opportunity to study complex biology in a more physiologically relevant context - this is an area where 2D models have not always proven so successful. In this introductory talk we will discuss case studies exemplifying how 3D cell culture models have the potential to generate improved data more reflective of the in vivo situation. We will review existing tools, tips, scale-up, validated protocols, educational resources as well as challenges and options to improve the analysis of spheroids and organoids. Lastly, we will look at a few examples of the production and use of 3D cell culture models.

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