Prof. El-Hage - Olfactory markers in depression


on the September 5, 2019

From 10h30

Conference room
Neurocentre Magendie

Invited conference from Pr. Bruno Aouizerate and Dr. Cyril Herry


Olfactory dysfunctions have been described in different psychiatric disorders. Studies report abnormal olfactory perception in depressed patients, whom principally exhibit a deficit in the hedonic aspects of this perception, even if, in some case, alterations in sensitivity or identification are also found. Changes in odor perception are also found in dementia and in some neurodegenerative disease, but in this case alterations concern all aspects of the sensorial experience (detection threshold, identification and recognition). These data indicate that olfactory abnormalities might be a marker of psychiatric conditions, with a specific pattern for each disease. For instance, olfactory dysfunction may be a sensory marker in unipolar and bipolar depression. Olfactory markers of depression can be either state (present only in symptomatic phases) or trait (persistent after symptomatic remission) markers. In this comprehensive conference, we will present data on olfactory parameters (i.e., odor threshold, odor identification, discrimination, intensity, familiarity and pleasantness) in depression and new data on sensory olfactory markers differentiating between unipolar and bipolar depression.

Keywords - #Unipolar, #Bipolar, #Depression, #Olfaction, #Marker, #Threshold, #Identification.

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