Next Language Abilities in Children with Autism Meeting


on the April 1, 2019

Villa Rabelais
116 Avenue Béranger
37000 Tours

This meeting is organized by Sandrine Ferré, Philippe Prevost, Christophe dos Santos, Laurie Tuller and Racha Zebib.

Language Abilities in Children with Autism

The international LACA network includes a dozen teams, including Team 1 from UMR 1253 iBrain, which investigate the nature and development of the language skills of children with autism spectrum disorder. The theme of the meeting in Tours is the methodology, and more specifically the identification of tests to obtain basic measures on language development and non-linguistic cognitive development, as well as on the severity of autism of children. The goal is to come up with a battery of behavioral tests that can be used in studies of language development in autism in various countries, which will maximize cross-study comparisons.

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