Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM - ESMRMB


on the July 15, 2018

Paris, France

International meeting of experts in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Needs & Technological Solutions

The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) is a multi-disciplinary nonprofit association that promotes innovation, development, and application of magnetic resonance techniques in medicine and biology throughout the world. We are a community made up of clinicians, physicists, engineers, biochemists, and technologists- professionals united by a common interest in the ongoing dialogue between the scientific and clinical communities.

Our colleagues, Prof. Destrieux and Dr. Zemmoura (Team Imaging, Biomarkers, Therapy) showed their collaborative research project with Prof. Poupon (Neurospin/CEA) on Post-mortem mapping of cortical layers using combined multicompartmental relaxometry and diffusometry at ultra-high field (7T and 11.7T): The human cerebral cortex has a laminar structure presenting distinct cell organization and myelination. In this work, we compare the lamination observed from multicompartmental quantitative relaxometry- or diffusometry-based microstructural ultra-high field MRI on a post-mortem human brain visual cortex sample. This study reveals that the quantitative intra-neuritic volume fraction map provides a better delineation of the line of Gennari in the primary visual cortex whereas multicompartment T1 relaxometry provides a better segmentation of the superfical layers. Thus, this study strongly plays in favour of a combination of relaxometry and diffusometry methods to robustly map the cortex lamination in humans.

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