4th French Conference on Nuclear Medicine


from May 24, 2018 to May 26, 2018

Grand Palais de Lille

Find our researchers from the Imaging, Biomarkers and Therapy team at the 4th Conference of the SFMN

The French Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging is a group of French-speaking specialists, who promote Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and associated techniques. The SFMN provides the national organization for continuing education and the evaluation of professional practices. During the 4th conference of the SFMN, the members of the Imaging, Biomarkers and Therapy team (Prof. Santiago-Ribeiro, Dr. Vercouillie, Dr. Gissot, Dr. Maia, Dr. Barantin, Mr. Peltier, Prof. Cottier, Dr. Deloye, Dr. Arlicot, Prof. Guilloteau) will present their results on 18F-LBT-999, a new PET tracer for dopamine transporters (DAT).

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