Characterization of skin properties by acoustic methods


on the December 1, 2018

Collaborative research project led by Prof. Mickael Caliez (LaMÉ EA2640, Université de Tours, INSA Centre Val de Loire, France) and Dr. Serge Dos Santos

Acousto-Mechanical Instrumentation of Multiscale Hysteretic Memristive Properties of the Skin with Nonlinear Time Reversal Imaging


The aim of this paper is to present an acousto-mechanical based experiment for skin ageing characterization using the Nonlinear Time Reversal signal processing tool known to extract, in a complex medium, sources of multiscale non-linearity potentially responsible of skin ageing process. New biomarkers of the porcine skin ageing are identified thanks to an optimized mixture of Preisach-Mayergoyz distributions extracted experimentally. Then each hysteretic elementary unit is supposed to be identified with a electronic memristor with suitable memory resistance controlled electronically.

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