Biological diagnosis of digestive neuroendocrine tumors


on the May 6, 2019

Published in Ann Biol Clin

Collaborative research project led by Dr. I Benz-de Bretagne

Determination of thresholds values for platelet serotonin and urinary 5-HIAA concentrations for the biological diagnosis of digestive neuroendocrine tumors


Objectives - Platelet serotonin and its urinary metabolite 5-HIAA (5-hydroxyindolacetic acid) are the main biomarkers measured for the detection of neuroendocrine tumors (NET). We observe in our laboratory many false positives or false negatives for the 2 assays using threshold values given by the manufacturer. We aim to determine our own local threshold values for a better detection of gastrointestinal NETs.

Methods - We studied patients with measurement of platelet serotonin and/or urinary 5-HIAA in University Hospital of Tours between January 2005 and June 2016. We established an « index » cohort with 75% of patients to determine local threshold value for the 2 parameters. A "validation" cohort constituted with 25% of remaining patients allowed us to compare the performances of manufacturer's values with local threshold values.

Results - Two hundred ninety patients were included, with 19 suffering from NETs. Local threshold value for platelet serotonin was determined at 5.13 amol/platelet, the one for urinary 5-HIAA at 3.60 μmol/mmol urinary creatinine. Platelet serotonin specificity was better with local threshold value for identical sensibility (0.75). Urinary 5-HIAA sensibility was improved with local threshold value (1 vs 0.667) for identical specificity (0.902).

Conclusion - Using our local threshold value for platelet serotonin and urinary 5-HIAA improved diagnostic performances of these biochemical markers to detect NETs.


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