Summer internship in Neuroscience


from July 9, 2018 to September 30, 2018

Start of internship: Immediate
End of internship: End of September
School of Medicine
Team Neurogenomics and Neuronal Physiopathology

Prof. Augé-Gouillou and Mme Oriane Lie are looking for a neuroscience student for a research internship

Role of SETMAR protein in the physiopathology of glioblastoma

Glioblastomas are brain tumors that are highly resistant to conventional therapies. This resistance is attributed to a minority population of cancer cells: glioblastoma stem cells. The recently discovered SETMAR protein is involved in multiple mechanisms associated with genome plasticity. In addition, its role in the resistance of cells to ionizing radiation has been documented in other cancers. The project in which the internship would be part of is to study the role of the SETMAR protein in these glioblastoma cells. Knowledge in molecular, cellular and neuroscience biology would be appreciated but the motivation and the interest for this project will be decisive. The candidate must be able to establish an internship agreement with his / her home university. The duration of the internship will be maximum of 8 weeks and will end in September.

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