[HIRING] PhD position - Characteristics of language profiles in autistic children with or without developmental intellectual disorder


from May 30, 2023 to June 13, 2023

PhD in Linguistics under the supervision of Philippe Prevost (PU) and Sandrine Ferré (PU) in team Neurofunctional psychiatry. PhD starting on October 1st 2023.

Profile and skills required

- Education: Master 2 in linguistics or a related domain or discipline (for example speech and language pathology, psychology, cognitive science) with a specialization in language acquisition, in particular in contexts of a pathology.
- Qualifications: ability to work as part of a team and advanced mastery of computer software for data processing (in particular Excel) and statistics (SPSS/R).
- Assets: experience in interacting with autistic individuals and individuals with a language disorder, and familiarity with speech-language pathology (particularly in relation to Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Niveau de français requis: Avancé: Vous pouvez parler la langue de manière plus complexe, spontanée et sur des sujets variés.

Niveau d'anglais requis: Intermédiaire supérieur: Vous pouvez utiliser la langue de manière efficace et vous exprimer précisément.
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