Adult hippocampal neurogenesis and antidepressants effects


on the January 20, 2020

Published in Curr Opin Pharmacol

Research project led by Prof. Catherine Belzung

Adult hippocampal neurogenesis and antidepressants effects


The hippocampus is particularly involved in cognitive processes and is a key regulator of stress responses and emotions. Therefore, the role of adult-born neurons in this region has become a crucial field of research in order to understand mood and stress disorders, such as major depression. Many studies have characterized the role of these neurons in cognition, mood regulation and antidepressant actions. Nevertheless, the precise mechanisms underpinning their antidepressant effects remain unclear. In this review, we first discuss the effects of stress and antidepressant treatments on adult neurogenesis, and subsequently, the functional roles of adult-born neurons and the mechanisms underlying their antidepressant action. Some studies have shown that adult-born neurons could affect overall hippocampal activity and thus normalize it under depression, which could restore neuronal pathways underlying antidepressant effects.

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