TV show - Enquête de Santé (Health Survey)


on the June 6, 2018

Broadcast scheduled at 20:50 on France 5 channel

Prof. Wissam El-Hage will take part in this TV show

Attacks, aggression: overcoming trauma

Jean-Camille, Fanny, Sylvain et Elisabeth were close to death. A break in their life that left an invisible wound, a psychic trauma.

Accident, bombings, violence or sexual assault ... After such emotional shocks, victims and witnesses may develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Imprisoned in their nightmares, images and sounds haunt these survivors who are constantly reliving their ordeal. Disruption of sleep, heart problems, hypervigilance, depression, self-aggressive acts that can lead to suicide... The symptoms are disabling and the chronic disease. What's going on in the brains of these victims? What are the most effective therapies to combat these traumas? And can we heal from these invisible wounds? Today, the care of thousands of psychic trauma has become a public health issue. Studies and clinical trials are multiplying, innovative therapies appear with their share of controversies.

Prof. Wissam El-Hage (Neurofunctional Psychiatry Team), Expert in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its management will take part in this TV show, Enquête de Santé.

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