Pint of Science in Tours, it's over!


on the May 17, 2018

1st edition of Pint of Science: it's time to take stock !

A unique festival concept in France and around the world

More than a conference or a round table, the festival makes it possible to bring together researchers from laboratories and the general public in the relaxed atmosphere of bars, and to talk about subjects as diverse as neuroscience or astrophysics. This is a perfect opportunity for the general public to meet the actors of science, today and tomorrow, in the flesh.


We warmly thank our two colleagues and partners !

Metabolomics : a revolution in medicine?

Patrick Emond
(PU-PH, Inserm UMR 1253 Imaging and Brain)

Metabolomics is a new global approach to the study of an individual's metabolism, which opens up crucial perspectives for improving the diagnosis and management of patients. During this conference, we will explain what this approach consists of, we will give the most significant results obtained so far in the field of health, and we will present some examples of applications of this method in the future.


Autisms & intellectual disabilities: a problem of communication between neurons

Frederic Laumonnier
(CR Inserm, UMR 1253, Imaging and Brain)

The formation of connections between neurons, which are commonly called synapses, represents a fundamental process for memory, communication, and learning during brain development. The architecture of these synapses and the functional organization of neurons are impacted, in humans, by genetic mutations in autism and intellectual disabilities (ID). At least 700 genes are listed to date in these pathologies.


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